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The JEC Lower School prides itself on its warm and nurturing environment. Our pediacentric approach to education is predicated on developing children’s self-esteem as the turn-key for success in learning. 

From our Early Childhood morot to the teachers in our elementary grades, we treat our students with love and respect their individuality. As the elementary division of the Jewish Educational Center, the Yeshiva of Elizabeth promotes excellence in education filtered through the prism of a modern Torah worldview. Our comprehensive dual curriculum in limudei kodesh and general studies is supported by extensive remedial and supplementary enrichment programs to suit a variety of learning styles. We are proud to show our support for Medinat Yisrael through numerous activities throughout the year. Extra-curricular opportunities for our students are provided through PTA clubs, class trips, interactive assemblies, choir and student plays and performances.

 We invite you to partner with us in raising the next generation of well-rounded B’nei and B’not Torah!




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