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Our Faculty

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Early Childhood Learning Lab

Morah Faige Engel has graduated with her Masters in Education and Special Education in 2012.  She is currently our Early Childhood Learning Lab teacher. Morah Faige believes in teaching each child according to his or her pace and his or her learning style.  She is a proud JEC Alumna and lives in the Elizabeth community.  Morah Faige is the proud daughter of Morah Raizy, our veteran Nursery assistant.

Nursery Assistant

Morah Roza Engel has been working in our Nursery for over 20 years.  She is a creative and loving teacher who believes that each child should learn in an environment that caters to the students’ learning style.  She creates an oasis in which children develop their independence and confidence.

Morah Engel and her husband Zachar have been residing in Elizabeth for the past 30 years, and are the proud parents of Faige and Velvi.

Head Teacher, Kindergarten

Morah Sarah Karp has been teaching in the Yeshiva of Elizabeth Early Childhood for close to 30 years.  Morah Sarah's philosophy on teaching is to instill a lifelong love of learning and midos tovos in her students as she integrates Judaic and Secular Studies with patience and care. Her Kindergarten day is full of fun, creativity and directed play geared to building self-esteem, respect of others and knowledge.  Morah Sarah says, "The Yeshiva of Elizabeth Early Childhood has such a warm and inviting atmosphere.  I love teaching and getting to know my students.  It is a b’racha to develop long term friendships with so many lovely children and their families!”  She resides in Elizabeth, NJ, with her husband, Steve (JEC Executive Director).  All four of the Karp children are alumni of JEC.

Kindergarten Assistant

Morah Tova Itzkowitz joined our faculty in 2013.  She takes pride in her ability to care for young children and treasures the magical moments experienced in the classroom.  Morah Tova strives to give each student the best foundation to start their long-lasting journey of growing, learning and acquiring knowledge.  She enjoys the arts and incorporating them into her teaching.  Morah Tova studied in the Tomer Devorah seminary, and completed a BS from Sarah Schenirer in Behavioral Science, with a focus on early childhood education, special education and inclusive education.


Nursery Assistant


Head Teacher, Nursery

Morah Esther Kaminetsky, Nursery head teacher, grew up in Elizabeth and is an alumna of the Yeshiva of Elizabeth and Bruriah High School.  Following her graduation, she spent a year in Tomer Devorah Seminary in Israel.  Morah Esther has taught in the Talmud Torah of Westfield, where she instructed both mainstream and special education classes, and was an assistant at Cheder Yaldei Menachem.  She is currently pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education, with an emphasis on Special Education.  Morah Esther’s classroom is a warm, nurturing environment where the children not only grow in skills and knowledge, but in their confidence and middos.

Head Teacher, Nursery

Formerly a head early childhood teacher in Park East Day School (Manhattan) and in suburban Philadelphia, Morah Lani holds a dual Masters in Early Childhood General Education and Early Childhood Special Education from Touro College, and a BA in Judaic Studies from Yeshiva University.  Morah Lani exudes genuine warmth and a gentle touch as she lovingly guides the youngest of learners.  We look forward to the tremendous benefit our children will derive from Morah Lani’s diversity of experience and refined character.

Early Childhood Hebrew Immersion Teacher

Morah Batsheva Kent coordinates our Early Childhood Hebrew Language Program, “Chalav u’Dvash” (Ivrit b'Ivrit), an interactive and innovative program combining vocabulary, pronunciation, songs, games, puppet theatre, and fun. Her background and creativity as an artist and graphic designer are in evidence throughout the program. Morah Batsheva also conducts small-group Keriyah sessions, using various modalities to reach to improve her students’ Hebrew reading, and provides Limudei Kodesh assistance in our after-school Homework Club. In her “spare time,” Morah Batsheva additionally serves as the Yeshiva's Coordinator for the Celebrate Israel Parade.

Primer (Pre-1A), General Studies/After-School Program Coordinator

Mrs. Heather Liebowitz, Primer English Teacher, is a proud alumna of the JEC.  She attended the JEC beginning in third grade and graduated Bruriah in 1989.  Mrs. Liebowitz holds a B.S. in psychology and education from Touro College & recently began a dual graduate program in administrative supervision and reading at Kean University.  Mrs. Liebowitz loves teaching Primer because it is a pivotal year in which children are ready to read, write, and learn basic math skills.  Mrs. Liebowitz lives in Linden, NJ, with her two children.

Primer (Pre-1A), General Studies Assistant

Mrs. Rachel Moskowitz has been a General Studies assistant since 2002. Known for her kind, gentle demeanor with our younger students, her favorite area of instruction is Reading Groups, where she can channel her passion as an avid reader. She lives with her husband and children in Hillside, NJ.

Kindergarten Assistant

Morah Miriam Reisman was trained in Behavior Therapy at the Douglas Developmental Disability Center, a Division of the Rutgers University Graduate School of Psychology. She has worked for over 20 years as a Behavioral Consultant and Teaching Assistant in both mainstream and special needs classrooms. 

Morah Miriam and her husband reside in Elizabeth, where her children attended the JEC.

Primer (Pre-1A), General Studies Assistant

Morah Franki Shuman was born and raised in Philadelphia (Go Eagles & Phillies!!!) and migrated north to the Elmora Hills section of Elizabeth almost a decade ago. Married to Jay and proud mother of Daniel (Sara), David, Sefi and Sara, Morah Franki is a true partner in all that Morah Heather teachers in Primer.

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