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Our Faculty

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Grade 1, Judaic Studies Assistant

Mrs. Leslee Brown is a welcome new addition to the Yeshiva of Elizabeth faculty. She was hired as the permanent substitute, and is currently serving as the First Grade assistant teacher for Judaic Studies. Mrs. Brown brings her proficiency in spoken Hebrew to the classroom, where she successfully uses her natural ability to relate to children in a gentle yet structured manner. She is a former student of the JEC herself, the mother of eight children (seven of whom are Bruriah graduates) and the grandmother of three current JEC students.

Grade 5 Boys, Judaic Studies/Grade 3 Boys, Judaic Studies

Rabbi Yoseph Carlebach grew up in the Flatbush neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY.  His father, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, shlit”a (not the singer) taught Torah for most of his life and is the author of several seforim.  Rabbi Carlebach learned in the Mir Yeshiva in Yerushalayim for 3 ½ years, and then spent many years studying in the Lakewood Yeshiva.  His father-in-law is Rabbi Haim Benoliel, shlit”a, who has a yeshiva for Sephardic-American students in Flatbush and Yerushalayim.  Rabbi Carlebach taught in Deal, New Jersey for several years prior to joining the Yeshiva of Elizabeth in 1996.  Many of his previous students at the Yeshiva of Elizabeth are already married!

Grade 2, Judaic Studies Assistant

Morah Pesi Friedman is an assistant teacher for Second Grade Judaic Studies and the Tal Am program.  She has been working at the Yeshiva of Elizabeth since her own children attended the Early Childhood program.  Working with children has always been her passion.  Assisting children in developing their foundation in Judaic Studies and Hebrew Language fulfils an indescribable pleasure and fulfillment for Morah Pesi!

Grade 4 Girls, Judaic Studies

Mrs. Shaindel Gelbfish joined the Yeshiva of Elizabeth team in 2011. This is actually her second stint at the Yeshiva; two years ago, she was a maternity-leave replacement and made her mark with her creative songs. She currently is our Fourth Grade Girls Limudei Kodesh teacher. She impacts her students through her warm, caring personality and enthusiastic lessons. Mrs. Gelbfish has a teacher’s certificate from Bais Yaakov Teachers’ Seminary. She lives in Passaic, NJ, with her husband.

Grade 4B, Judaic Studies

Since 2003, Rabbi Moishe Kramer has earned a reputation as a rebbe who develops warm, lasting relationships with his talmidim, displays the utmost in professionalism and dedication toward his craft and toward JEC, is punctilious about lesson planning and implementation, and is a consummate team player.  His many years of experience as the head counselor of Camp Chaveirim (Highland Park, NJ), and previously as director of Camp Shalom (Central NJ), helps him form the same deep kesher with younger talmidim that he does with his older ones.

Grade 2, Judaic Studies/Grades 1-3, Hebrew Language

Mrs. Pessy Lalouch is a Second Grade Judaic Studies teacher and the Ivrit teacher for Grades 1-3.  She is a graduate of Bais Yaakov Seminary and the Teachers Institute of Yeshiva University.  Mrs. Lalouch has had professional training in the Tal Am program in Ivrit and was one of two teachers to pilot the program in the Yeshiva of Elizabeth.  She looks forward every day to enriching each child’s love of Torah and encouraging her students to perform to the best of their abilities.  Mrs. Lalouch feels that each student is precious and views her students as her own children.

Mrs. Lalouch resides in Elizabeth, NJ with her husband, Rabbi Haim Lalouch, a teacher in RTMA.  She has two married daughters who are alumnae of the JEC, and she is Savta to four current JEC students and one alumnus.

Grade 2 Judaic Studies/Physical Education

A veteran teacher, Mrs. Levy was a 2nd Grade head teacher at Shulamith of Long Island (Woodmere, NY),  and also has taught Grades 3, 5, and 7.  On the extracurricular side, Mrs. Levy was the Torah Bowl coach at the Hebrew Academy of Long Beach.  Mrs. Levy holds a Masters in Special Education from Mercy College, is New York State-certified in both general and special education from Birth through Grade 6, and participated in the highly-regarded, Avi Chai Foundation-funded Jewish New Teacher Project.  Mrs. Levy’s bubbly persona, creativity, facility with technology, and knowledge of Ivrit will enliven and enrich the learning experience of our 2nd Graders.  

Grade 2 Judaic Studies


Grade 1, Judaic Studies

Mrs. Aviva Singfer graduated from Yeshiva University’s Stern College for Women with a major in psychology and a minor in biology.  She has brought her creative abilities and style to the First Grade Judaic Studies curriculum, and is always looking for new and exciting ideas to keep the subject matter fresh and innovative.  Educating a child according to his or her personal needs is Mrs. Singfer’s modus operandi.  Mrs. Singfer lives in Elizabeth with her husband Dr. Steven (an alumnus of JEC), and is the mother of four children, all of whom are now JEC alumni.  She has been teaching at the Yeshiva of Elizabeth for more than a quarter century and has the pleasure of having two grandsons currently enrolled in the Yeshiva of Elizabeth.

Grade 5 Girls, Judaic Studies

Mrs. Laya Sorotzkin has been our Fifth Grade Girls Limudei Kodesh teacher since 2006. She comes to school everyday with a smile, and is beloved by her students. She grew up in Chicago, and now lives in Lakewood with her husband and young adorable children.

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